UV Curing Lamp

Innovative Engineering

Albatross UV’s headquarters and production facility is located in the panhandle of North Idaho, just thirty miles east of Spokane Washington and just 90 miles south of the Canadian border. We are the only UV lamp producer in all of the Pacific Northwest.
Our corporate philosophy is simple. Always place the interest of the customer first! To most companies today, putting the customer first is nothing more than paying lip service for a marketing campaign. Motivated by large salaries and driven to improve shareholder earnings, most companies cannot resist the temptation to sacrifice quality and customer service in order to improve margins. That is why so many products are now produced oversees and explains why your calls to the company are either answered by an automated machine or by someone half way across the globe.
This is not the business strategy of Albatross UV. We take pride in the simple fact that all of our products are manufactured right here in the USA and when you call the company, a real person will answer the phone. Putting the customer first begins with answering the telephone and when you call Albatross UV, someone is here to answer your questions.
Our goal is to provide our customers with the very best lamp at the very best price by producing a product that provides the longest and most trouble-free service obtainable from a mercury vapor lamp. To that end, Albatross UV has made a significant commitment to research and the development of new lamp designs
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